Monday, December 13, 2010

sisters and brother

Ava likes to draw,favourite color is pink ,is funny ,likes to play and likes to eat lentils. Jinnie likes to go on vacation to grandma Whites,favourite color pink,is funny,likes to do puzzles and likes to eat mac&cheese.Hailey likes to read,favourite color is green,is funny(not always)likes to cook(so dose Ava)and likes to eat burritos.Zack likes to sleep,favourite color ????????????is cute,likes to eat and likes to eat mommymilk.


Brooke Bennett said...

It's so fun to learn more about you cute kids! Keep up the blogging!!!

Paige said...

Wait.. why doesn't anyone like to visit Aunt Paige???? I think that is YOUR favorite thing to do Miss Hailey. Love you! Keep updating--I'm loving it!

Jennie said...

Ahhhh. I love when you come to my house too... Love you all!!! Miss you!