Sunday, December 12, 2010


2010 is a BIG year .....fist i got BABTISED,grandma white and uncle Nathan came for 2 the little pink restaurant GREAT GRANDPA PONCZOCH turned 95,at the gathering of the greats(the 2010 Ponczoch family reunion)the great grandkids stayed in the grand kid corral.Great grandpa ponczoch gave us some $(money)and a card.a few months after he died.aunt Paige got married to uncle Colton and had their reception at grandma & grandpa whites back yard,me Ava & my cousin Jeffrey (my mom helped) threw away what people were done with(sometimes people handed Jeffrey stuff and would say thanks buddy and he would say my name is not buddy its Jeffrey!)(me and Jeffrey would laugh ha ha ha !)I GOT THE FLOWERS! Zack/Zackariah John Ponczoch.....................popped into my life and is an angel


Brooke Bennett said...

I love your blog updates!!! That's so funny, I remember Jeffrey saying that his name wasn't buddy too. Super funny! Can't wait to see you again! Love you! I want to meet your baby brother too!

Jennie said...

Hey sweetie! Thanks for calling me this morning and for updating. Love you the most!

Jennie said...

Hey cutie, it's Aunt Kelsi! I loved reading about the things that happened to you in 2010! I love you girl!