Thursday, August 20, 2009

Times of My Life

This is our grapefruit tree. It's only given us two grapefruits. This is the last grapefruit that we've seen so far. We hope it makes it. For a delicious grapefruit. Look, I lost my teeth! Now I've lost four teeth. You can only see that I've lost two because the other ones have grown in.
Look, it snowed!!! I made a BIG snowball. This time we actually got to play in the snow. Last time it snowed I had to go to school. So I couldn't play in it. But this time, when we went to the mall we had a snowball fight! And look, I'm holding a really BIG snowball that I made in my backyard.
I can't believe my mom cut my hair! I don't know why I wanted it to get shorter. It will grow back.
Look, I made a snowman. It's not that big. Ava helped me with the ball part, and I did the rest. But I also helped with the ball part. Ava doesn't like snowball fights. I don't know why. Maybe because after you get so cold?


Ponczoch Family said...

Oh my beautiful girl! I love your hair! It is so fun that you wanted your hair so short. You look so grown up and you will get used to the new look soon.

Brooke Bennett said...

I love your hair Hailey! So cute!!! I can't believe you've already lost 4 teeth! And, I can't believe it snowed in Chile. That's an awesome snowman!

Bethany said...

I didn't know you had a grapefruit tree. I love grapefruit! That's too bad you've only gotten 2 from it so far.
I really like your hair. It looks very grownup.
Fun that you got to play in snow! I taught you to eat snow back when you were visiting and Grandma and Grandpa lived in Alpine. You loved it! I'm guessing you didn't get enough snow there to eat it though.

Jennie said...

Hey sweetie! Such fun pictures! I want to see more pictures of your hair. I wonder how many different ways you can do it. It's very, very cute. Too much fun!!! BRRRR. ...Snow. Love you so much!
Love, Grandma

Paige said...

Hailey I'm so happy you finally updated your blog! I love your haircut. I'm excited to see you in a few weeks so I can see those teeth you lost too :)

katharine said...

vienna has no teeth in front either! sure makes it hard to eat an apple, doesn't it?

I think your hair looks super cute.